Qumulo accumulates awards in 2020

MD3’s partnership with Qumulo, in the field of ​​data management and storage, continues to be a successful solution for companies.

Large Portuguese entrepreneurs are now beginning to understand the power of innovative technology for leveraging their cloud businesses.

Entities recognition that evaluates the technological sector, distinguishing and rewarding the best suppliers and the most efficient and modern hybrid data platforms, have enabled and awarded Qumulo as one of the most attractive, innovative and successful companies.

We share with you the distinctions and winning positions that Qumulo achieved in 2020.

Qumulo 2020 – Awards & Recognitions / Business Parter MD3

Safety and Performance Excellence

Therefore, it isn’t surprising that Netflix has put Qumulo technology as one of the criteria of preference for its digital content providers, especially when competitors such as HBO Go, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV +, Disney Plus, among others are gaining space in the sector.

The quality, not only of the content but also of the transmission, is fundamental. And national producers are realizing this.

TV channels, that already broadcast online, are aware that they have a huge potential for audience growth through this channel.

In addition to the media and entertainment sector, in a worldwide pandemic phase, other large companies, from all branches, are also anticipating their leap into the cloud and allowing teams to work remotely, without any concerns on security, performance or access to information.

Several Qumulo’s case studies reveal the unique and extraordinary capacity of Qumulo’s file data storage system, in the cloud and on-premise, both for large formats or billions of small files that require great performance for smooth workflows.

MD3 and Qumulo best allies of CIO and IT Managers

MD3 and Qumulo are the best partners for CIOs and IT Managers. These professionals say they are relieved to have more time to focus on the core business of the company instead of micromanaging the companies problems, due to old infrastructures that are not suited to the current needs.

This article was written by Paula Félix, sales assistant at @md3.

Paula was a Microsoft Office trainer for 10 years and Commercial Representative in several multinationals, in sectors such as IT and HR. She is passionate about people, for communicating and breaking ground in the search of successful partnerships, where both parties win.