Pandemic White Elephant Game

MD3’s Christmas 2020 version

During this time of the year, the teams join to celebrate another successful year. The event can be a dinner, a brunch or a snack. The connotation doesn’t matter, as long as it involves food, drink, good mood and, of course, games!

The success of the 2019 event was, without a doubt, the White Elephant Game. In 2019, the team worked hard and there were Christmas ornaments and music, funny and charismatic gifts, gifts bought and hand made … and all the moments created brought great laughter from the group of more than 20 people.

A Christmas with a table full of people willing and united. Literally, shoulder to shoulder. Soooo 2019!

As is common sense, this reality would be unthinkable in this year plagued by the pandemic COVID-19.

The encounters continue to be postponed and the professional reality is telecommuting. Therefore, the only solution would be a Pandemic Christmas version.

We joined forces between the MD3 / MD3 Studio teams and called on creativity to get together by video call and celebrate our Christmas.

Pandemic White Elephant Game

The White Elephant Game rules were simple: a completely online game. In the comfort of everyone’s home. No tangible gifts, but with a virtual gift and, above all, with the same originality as always!

The main challenge was to offer a Christmas message to the secret friend, without revealing his identity. In turn, the secret friend (and the viewers) had to guess who was the author of the message. A mix of Cluedo with White Elephant Game.


  1. You will receive in your email an invitation to choose your secret friend. Enter the link and see who is the lucky guy!
  2. On 12/18/20, at 11 am, enter the link, available on the channel #office. Don’t forget to remain anonymous!
  3. Write your message to the secret friend. Again, don’t reveal your identity!
  4. Then enter the video call link. Wait for all members of the team to be present to start raising hypotheses about your secret friend and your colleagues’ secret friend.
  5. Everyone can try to guess the author of the message. If the first message is not enough to guess the author, the player can continue to write clues until his name is revealed.
  6. The person who guesses the secret friend is the next player.
  7. The game is over when all the authors are revealed.

The results were hilarious 

Shared messages between colleagues

Everyone exceeded expectations and the typical Christmas laughs at enconuters returned. The hugs were missing. It is true! But words have an inexplicable strength and when properly applied they fill the heart and warm the soul… and so, the Christmas spirit returned to 2020.

Want to read all the messages in Portuguese? They are here.

Merry Christmas and an Amazing 2021!

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This article was written by Inês Paraíso, MD3 Account Manager. Inês links customers to the MD3 team. And search for new opportunities to showcase our work, including on internal social networks. She loves writing and manage the art of putting ideas into words. In fact, she says that words are always magical and have the power to reveal worlds!