What are the main advantages of Outsourcing? Know the benefits

Your company can use the services of external organizations to develop a specific area of ​​the company without having to carry out internal contracting. Sharing know-how will facilitate and improve the professional skills of the company.

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  • Freeing up human resources for the main activities of the company;
  • Add services and value to the organization;
  • Access new technologies and experts outside the organization;
  • To be able to deal with activities of difficult control or management;
  • Reduce personnel expenses.

Nearshoring or Offshoring? Which one is right for your company?


Nearshoring Illustration


It is a type of subcontracting that is done by countries from the same continent. It is a service with numerous advantages, such as the proximity of the time zones and the professional quality in the daily tasks.


Offshoring Illustration


This type of subcontracting is distinguished by the partnership between the two companies being developed from different continents. This brings, among several advantages, a much lower cost of production to the company that contracts, as well as greater knowledge of the intercontinental markets.

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