MD3’s Food Challenge

Delicacies with the most unusual foods

And… what was initially meant to be an activity among the team members, quickly motivated the directors and clients of some projects, such as APM.

In early March, António challenged MD3’s colleagues to participate in a culinary challenge. An unexpected team building, that was born from the idea of ​​one person and became a positive, playful moment between coworkers. At the end of a month and a half, all of us enjoyed this fun, creative and tasty activity (most of the times!).

Altogether there are 15 new recipes, totally original, from the participants!

It was Kelly, from Mediatree, who named the first participant, António, from MD3. Everyone fulfilled the challenge, except the President of the Mediatree Group, Philippe Mendes, but even so, he did it! The last video on this delicious YouTube video playlist is his!

You can read the challenge rules below. 

Bon appétit!

Challenge rules:

  1. The Food Challenge can be attended by all MD3 employees, directors and customers.
  2. The first person to challenge a colleague is selected by lot and will be notified by the Challenge moderator.
  3. The first person to choose a colleague has to assign the first 3 ingredients. When the first challenged finishes the challenge, he names the next person. This process is repeated until the last person standing.
  4. The ingredients, when assigned, cannot be repeated by other people.
  5. After the delicacy is cooked, the chef in question must send proof of the dish’s design to the group’s moderator, in video format or pdf file with the recipe or picture.
  6. The challenged must give the dish to the challenger when we return to the office, in Barosa.
  7. The challenge must be carried out in a maximum of 2 days.
  8. It is imperative that the challenger respects the restrictions and lifestyles of the person he chooses. In case of doubt, you can consult the table of tastes and dietary restrictions.

And the desert is…

Vanessa and Tânia from MD3 Studio also participated in this challenge but presented their recipe in a pdf file.

Vanessa presented us with a delicacy with Asian flavours and Tânia with flavours of the sea and berries!

Stuffed Pineapple from Vanessa Chin

Sea Bass with Gourmet Salad by Tânia