Inside MD3 Team – Paula Félix

Paula recently joined MD3 team! Even working from home, we like to welcome our new team members with a lot of professional and personal questions. Here is some information that Paula shared with us, and now, with you too!

My name is “little happy”, or, if you prefer, Paula Félix. I’m an eternal child, dreamer… I love new challenges and learning about everything.

I started my professional career goes from a decade teaching Microsoft Office to a few years in the commercial area, having embraced projects at a regional and national level, in sectors such as Technologies for the Real Estate Industry, Human Resources, Advertising, among others.

I love people and communication is a passion. I studied translation and I love to develop knowledge in other languages.

Joining MD3…

From the first contact, by phone, I felt such positive energy in each person I spoke to, that I thought it was too good to be real… It is real! MD3 has a very welcoming, united, human, dynamic and enterprising team. It’s the perfect environment to grow up and contribute to the success of the company. Buzzwords aside, it’s really true that happy people are reflected in the success of organizations and customer satisfaction. 

I hope to be a positive element, in continuous development – MD3 acts in a world of infinite information that I assimilate progressively, with the precious help and kindness of colleagues. I want to celebrate achievements with this team and reach the end of each day with the feeling of mission accomplished and results obtained for the company.

My interests in general…

I am fascinated by personal development, psychology and neuroscience. I love writing and reading, researching and acquiring new knowledge. I am a curious person.

Music that inspires me…

“O melhor de mim”, by Mariza ©Vídeo official no Youtube

Values I want to share…

Joy, lightness, open-mindedness, mutual help, dedication, transparency, dynamism, proactivity, union.

A poem and Author….

Restart (Recomeça) by Miguel Torga (Portuguese writer)

Places I want to visit…

Image from mgarro in Pixabay

The Maldives and Ha Long Bay – Vietnam.   

Inspirational Quote

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.

Napoleon Hill

Things I love to do…

To walk on the beach, laughing and having fun like a child, writing, enjoying Nature – its beauty, magic and tranquillity.

This article was written by Paula Félix, Sales Assistant @md3.

Paula was a Microsoft Office trainer for 10 years and Sales Representative in several multinationals, in sectors such as IT and HR. She is passionate about people, communicating and breaking ground in search of successful partnerships, where both parties win.