Inside MD3 Team – Karim Fernandes

Karim recently joined MD3 team! In a time where the pandemic is still our daily reality, we’ve created ways to welcome our new team members, by starting with a lot of professional and personal questions. Here is some information he wants to share with you too!

About me!

My name is Karim, I’m 40 yo and have recently joined the MD3’s IT Support team!

I’ve ve been working with tech for 15 years, mostly in the automotive industry, in a typical large corporation with an objective-oriented attitude and business-driven decision making.

Joining MD3

The experience of MD3 has been quite interesting and different so far! From day one MD3 direction was clearly explained to me, and I find it very appealing! How could it not be? Making the work environment a pleasant and rich experience for everyone, driven by clear communication and a constructive mindset? I’m in!

I have been here only for a little while, but it seems the results of this philosophy are at the open sight: people are warm, welcoming and positive! I find nurturing places like this are often a hub for creativity and spring for smart ideas.

What do I expect here in MD3?

An engaging experience! I want to improve as a person and be as helpful as I can be to what is being built here, the way you are doing it!

Interests in technologies?

Everything that fits in a datacenter! Also, I like python, Java, blender, and lately, I’m into this whole microservices infrastructure thingy with Linux!

What is my favourite human endeavour?

Science! It has built itself into the most reliable body of knowledge. From the Cosmos to the tiny world of subatomic particles, we seek answers, continuously…

A song I’m listening to? and an album I can’t seem to let go?  

“Neon Experience” by Júníus Meyvant and “no no no” by Beirute, respectively.

© Video From YouTube’s Offical Page of Júníus Meyvant – Neon Experience

Values I tend to cherish:

Will to learn, Loyalty, Imagination, Compassion and a sense of humour (by no particular order)

A movie I enjoyed?

Be Kind Rewind” by M.Gondry

Places I’d visit in a heartbeat?

Iceland, I’d go right now! LOL

© Image from Simon Migaj on Pexels


Many and so little time… however, a random one from the shelf: “Tyranny of Words” by S. Chase

This is an article written by Karim Fernandes, System Administrator @md3.

Karim has 15 years of experience, mostly in the automotive industry. He recently joined the IT Support Team and is responsible for the client’s systems administration. He’s passioned by python, Java, blender, and lately, he’s realy into microservices infrastructure thingy with Linux.